Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swooning and some Farming too!

I finished my second Swoon block!!  Yah!!!  I was so excited to work on it that when I had a few minutes after I got dressed for my cross fit class I sat down at the machine and sewed a few seams.
After I get to the gym, I look down and there are threads all over my yoga pants!!  Eekk.  Had to make a little trip to the bathroom and pick all of them off.

I finished two more Farmer's Wife blocks.
#45 Grape Basket

I love the fabric with the little berries.  Love!!

And then this happened.
#46 Hill and Valley
Poor ugly thing!  The quilting police should have arrested me when I thought it was a good idea to make a block at 7 am.  Not my best time of day???

I know I just got back from vacation but I really think I need another one.  It is so cold, still!  The back door to the deck was frozen shut today.  Ever seen anyone think they are opening a door and it just stays there?  I am pretty sure I looked ridiculous and even the dog gave me the eye.
And then the garage door froze to the ground.  It took a little bit of ummmm, tricks to get it unstuck.  I thought I had used a little too much Hulk strength and broke it but it is now working fine.  I am sure I looked ridiculous here too.  It is -30, I am standing on a step stool trying to figure out why the silly door won't go back down.  I even hung off the handle for a while.  Freezing all the time.

Tonight I am knitting on my Honey Cowl.  I could sure use it or maybe six of them!!
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. omg - and we're sweltering here. love your swoon block - great colour combo - and little berry fw lock. hill and valley looks ok too - don't be so hard on yourself!!

  2. I really love your colour combo in the Swoon block - it's gorgeous. I often turn up to work with threads all over me - my colleagues just accept it now. The Hill and Valley FW block isn't my favourite. I didn't like it so rotated the bottom half by 180degrees to create a diamons in the middle and that made mine better! Saves re-doing it....

  3. Your Swoon block looks amazing!!! I don't think you could have pick prettier fabrics!!! I love those berries too...sooo cute!!! And I don't think your Hill and Valley block looks bad at all!! LOL!!! I could totally see you hanging on the garage door!!! You should have done some chin ups to keep warm LOL!!! I love the Honey Cowl! I can't wait to see yours =D I cast on a pair of socks the other night at my LYS and it took me like an hour to cast on =P I kept twisting my stitches. I blame trying to use 6" dpns instead of 5" hehehe.