Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back Into the Land of the Living... almost

Thank goodness I don't get sick very often.  This cold knocked me on my patootie!!!  I'm getting back into my routine slowly.  Went to a class at the gym yesterday, ummm, not a good idea.  I'm taking another day off and hopefully the shakies will go away!!!  OK, whining over!!

I didn't touch my sewing machine for 4 days.
I did a bit of hand sewing and I learned something about myself.  I am an over baster.  I basted that poor fabric onto the paper soooooo much.  I still haven't gotten all the basting thread pulled out.

See all those little thread hairs!!  I really need more practice on the sewing of these too.  My stitches tend to show on the front.  But, it is just my first one and I will try some more.

I watched a bunch of Netflix shows with the hubby and knitted on Hexi-puffs.  A lot of hexi-puffs.
My container is just about full.  I was thinking about how I want to sew all of these together.  Do I want to make it look like a Grandmother's Flower Garden, or do I want to sew them together with gradient color changes????  Or just willy-nilly?
Not that I have to make that choice soon.  I need about a million more!!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I think your hand stitched block looks incredible!!! Everything matches up perfectly!!

    I vote for willy-nilly style on the hexipuffs =D I love all the ones you have now. they are so cute!!

    I'm so happy you are feeling better!!!

  2. aw you poor thing - you have to rest - that's the only way to get over a cold. love your hand sewing - looks fantastic

  3. Total over baster here too...we can start a support group :)