Friday, January 20, 2012

Farmer's Wife Week 21

Good morning.  It's cold out,  I've got a blucky cold and I am watching Wall-E.  I want a cute, little robot!!!
So please forgive any weirdness you might see in this post.  My brain isn't working very well.

First off I made Block #41 Friendship Star

Not very exciting but I made two.

Then I made #42 Fruit Basket

I like this one much better!!  

I am not planning on doing much today.  I have my rose star blocks with me and I think I will try and get one put together.  In my hazy headedness this morning I already lost my thread.  And I found it, in the box where it should have been.

I got most of a Swoon block put together yesterday before I started sneezing my head off!!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Awwwww Sherry!!! Feel better soon!!! Maybe you should just rest the rest of the day! I love the new blocks!!!

  2. Beautiful blocks! I need to get back to mine. I hope you're feeling better. It seems like so many people have a horrible cold or the stomach flu right now.

    How did you get your blog layout so wide? I *really* like it!

  3. Looking at Farmers Wife blocks today. Loving yours!