Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SS or a Slight Repeat of Sunday

Swap and Snow.  That is all I've got!!!

This is the Nested Star that I made for my swap.  
I was having a bit of trouble with this one.  I knew that something was wrong and I kept talking out loud to myself trying to figure it out.  My daughter asked me if everything was ok.  No!!!  I double checked the pattern cutting instructions cause I knew one of the blocks was the wrong size.  Duh!!! I had cut it wrong.  Once I fixed my mistake it went together wonderfully!!
Now I would like to make one for myself!!

Now, the second S.  I should have just stayed in bed the other day.  I knew there was snow.  And it is still snowing.  We are at the 3rd snowiest winter on record.

Don't laugh!!  This was my front walk.  The only thing that had walked up it was a moose who was snacking on my roses.

That is my six foot fence in the backyard.  Parts of it are covered this morning.

But it is pretty!  I am thankful for the freezing rain and some of the thawing we have had this year or I would be covered in snow.  We have probably had at least 4 more feet before some melted.

Now on to a happier subject.
This will eventually become a Granny Square Quilt.  I saw this quilt on Pinterest a while ago and fell in love.  I am cutting the little squares out of scraps.  I also ordered a gray instead of my normal white.  I thought it might make a good change of pace.  So excited!!!!  I need to finish something so I have time to work on this.
Now it is off to the gym and back to do some snow shoveling.
Happy Crafting and Happy Leap Day!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swap, Swoon and Snow

I've been spending a bit more time crafting.
I am working on some of the cutest little baby legs!!!!  I'm glad that people keep having babies cause they are so fun to knit for.
I finally finished a Swoon block.  Gosh, that took me forever.
I am dorky again and have my quilting projects listed by which is most important and I work down the list each week.  Farmer's Wife is on the top and then Swoon.  I have several others that I don't get to but eventually I will.

I am still loving the Terrain!!   I picked out the next two colors last night.

A nice crooked picture of all three together.  Those things are so big that it was hard to take a picture of them all.

I'm doing a swap with some friends on Ravelry.  I've sent off one of my blocks for the month, finished another and need to get it in the mail, and picked out the fabric for the last one this month.

This is the Two Colors Star from the Solstice Stars Series.  I can't wait to make some of these for myself!!!

Snow.... I am afraid to look outside.  Last night the sky was pink and that means lots of clouds.  It was snowing most of the evening and it is still not light enough outside for me to get a good look.  The trees don't look like they are dark anymore.  Spring... where are you???

This is my grandkitty, Tequila.  She has been living with us for about two weeks.  She has learned that she isn't allowed in the craft room so she sits on the computer chair and waits for me.  All 7 pounds of her has learned that she is good at terrifying the dog.  All she has to do is meow and Scruff runs behind me and peeks out at her.  She can also tick off my cat, Smudge, by sleeping in his bed!!!!  Smudge will look at me, (with a horrible look on his face) and then look at the other cat.  Back and forth.  It probably doesn't help that I am laughing so hard at the look on his face!

Ok, time to stop procrastinating and start my day.
Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Farming Birdies and Some More Cleaning

It's Friday!!!
I actually finished two Farmer's blocks this week.
The first one is #51 Hovering Birds

And #52 Hovering Hawks

Both blocks went together easily.  My brain must be back!!!!

More confession time with my cleaning.  I clean when I am worried or upset.  Do you?  I got some bad news on my leg situation and have been cleaning.  A lot.  Watch out spot on the floor!  Dusty?  No more!  Scrub and rub.
I found this cleaner today.
Is it the best ever?  I don't know, I had just cleaned my showers on Tuesday.
Did it do a good job?  Yes, everything looks sparkling clean.
Will I make it again?  Yes, it was practically free cause I had everything I needed to make it at home.
Some tips!
Don't set your sprayer on stream.  When the hot vinegar mixture hits you in the face, it is ewww.
It is a bit funky smelling.  Ok, more than a bit.  It made me sneeze and the doggy too.  But just when I was spraying it.  And don't close the bathroom door after you have sprayed it.  After two hours it was a bit strong.
Next time I use this I will spray it on before I go to the gym.  That way it can work and I can wipe it down while I am taking a shower.  It was really soapy!!!!!!!

That's all for today,  I have the rest of the evening free so I am planing on doing some more sewing and a bit of knitting.  Now I must attend to the dog.  He wants me to look at the moose that is outside.  I don't know why that makes him feel better, but it does.

Happy Crafting!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wash on Monday..

Do you have a weekly plan for house cleaning?  Yes, I am a dork and I do.  I always do laundry and all the sheets on Mondays.
And this week I used this!

I made my own laundry soap.  The yellow one is clove scented and the pink one is peppermint.  It was really easy.  I had been reading a bunch of recipes for laundry soap so I just mixed them all up in my head and made my own.
Well, I had better get to cleaning bathrooms..since this is Tuesday.  :)

Happy Crafting!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Farmers Friday on a Saturday, aka Week 29

Hope you are having a great weekend.
Still slow around here.  Right now I could just take a nap but I needed to do a post instead!
I actually got a few blocks done this week, and this is all the sewing I got done.

Block #49 is Honeycomb

For some reason this block gave me fits!!  I hurt my leg not my brain but I am beginning to think they are  one in the same!!

#50 is Honey's Choice

This one was ok to make.  It's the brain issue again.  Not working!!!

I have made some headway on the clapotis for my MIL.  I am starting on the decrease section so that will go a lot faster.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Happy Crafting!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

I finished one rose star block for the rose star block party.  I think this block is a bit to hard for my first try at English paper piecing!

I like the looks of it, but all those little pieces, Whew!!  I am appliquéing, or attempting to applique this block onto a background piece and will make a pillow out of it.
Since that block was beyond me,  I decided to try something easier.  Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I have always loved these so much.

Much easier!!!  I didn't even over baste this time.
This is a perfect project for me to work on while I am elevating my leg (which I have to still do more than I am happy with).  I have another almost finished that has pink in place of the blue.

Still not too much crafting going on, but I am trying.  I am making a clapotis for my MIL for her birthday but that gets boring really quick.  I only like the part where I get to drop a stitch and make it run!
And I am very slowly working on some more Farmers blocks.

Happy Crafting!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swap Time

Good morning all!!
I am doing  a swap with some friends over on Ravelry.  Yes, I know that is a knitting site but a few of us on one board kept talking about our quilting projects too so we decided to do a swap.  Everyone picked out the colors that they wanted and we assigned months to each person.

These are the blocks that I have received so far.

Aren't they awesome!!!  I plan on making some black and white blocks myself to add to the mix and I will have a quilt of hugs from my Ravelry buddies!!

Time to start my day.  I am running on slow-mo and everything takes twice as long to do.  Going to go to the grocery store today and get my food for the week.  Planning out my menu for the week has not only been a money saver, but a sanity saver too!!!

Because I went to a party on Friday night I had to stay off my leg all day yesterday but..... I did get some sewing done.  Hope to take pictures later today.

Happy Crafting!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Farmer Friday

I really did try to post this on Friday but blogger was giving me some troubles.

Over on the Farmer's Wife flickr group, we are getting back to business.  They are on Week 28 and should have 56 blocks made.  I do have 56 blocks so I am hopping back in caught up!!

Seeing them all laid out together I notice that I need a few more of the dark brown.  But I sure am happy that I have that many done!!
Sewing has been pretty slow lately.  The leg doesn't like it much.  I did sew for about 20 minutes yesterday and then I had to ice.  But I am going to try to work a little each day.
Happy Crafting!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

FWQ Week 24

Hello!!!!  Happy Saturday!
I have a few more Farmer's Wife Blocks.  Most of these were done before the Great Gracefulness of Tuesday.

#47 Homemaker
This one scared me a bit when I saw it in the book.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

#48 Homeward Bound

Of course, with the easy ones I do two!!!

I made my first  Solstice Star block today.  This one is not for me.  I am doing a block swap with some friends and she wanted neutrals.

I haven't decided what colors I want to do my block in yet.  Red and apple green???

Over on the Cherry Heart blog, Sandra is having a "Pretty, Crafty Home" project.  We are trying to make our homes pretty in 2012.
I had this candle holder that I never knew what to do with.  The candles would make a mess and I just never used it.  I had saved the empty candle glass from the Glade candles that I always buy at the store.  So, I put them in there and now just use votive candles.  I also put it in my front window.  I am so much happier with it.  I was just about to donate the candle holder!!!

I'm still not allowed to do much on my leg.  The doctor took the compression wrap off on Friday and wow!, it feels much better.  I didn't wake up with "sausage foot" this morning.  I  can sew for about 30 minutes at a time and then need to ice and elevate the silly thing.  But.... at least I can do a few things.  Most housework is just a no go!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Not To Do at the Gym 101

This week has been a bit slow in the crafting area.

Due to this!  I have a grade 2 tear of my calf muscle.  I was in class at the gym and bam!  I felt like a hot rubberband had gone off in my leg.  Thankfully we iced it right then and I got into the sports medicine doctor within a few hours.  I have to stay off it as much as possible, ice it every hour, do exercises and go see the dr everyday for therapy.  When all that is done, there is not that much time left for life.
I did a bit of sewing yesterday but it made my leg really tired!  Hopefully I will be back to mobile by the end of the month.
My foot is not normally this color, or this puffy.  hahaha

I did finish two more traveling scarves and I made my first block in the Oh My Stars! quilt a long.  I want to use solids for this quilt.

We had quite a bit of a storm yesterday.  Wind, tons of snow, avalanches...
This is what I found this morning.
Snow awning??
It is hanging out about two feet.  It's gonna fall and make a big mess.  Thankfully hubby had shoveled the roof off before he went back to work last week or it would be lots worse.  My dog, Scruff, gives this snow the evil eye when he goes out.  He doesn't want to get near it!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!