Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Not To Do at the Gym 101

This week has been a bit slow in the crafting area.

Due to this!  I have a grade 2 tear of my calf muscle.  I was in class at the gym and bam!  I felt like a hot rubberband had gone off in my leg.  Thankfully we iced it right then and I got into the sports medicine doctor within a few hours.  I have to stay off it as much as possible, ice it every hour, do exercises and go see the dr everyday for therapy.  When all that is done, there is not that much time left for life.
I did a bit of sewing yesterday but it made my leg really tired!  Hopefully I will be back to mobile by the end of the month.
My foot is not normally this color, or this puffy.  hahaha

I did finish two more traveling scarves and I made my first block in the Oh My Stars! quilt a long.  I want to use solids for this quilt.

We had quite a bit of a storm yesterday.  Wind, tons of snow, avalanches...
This is what I found this morning.
Snow awning??
It is hanging out about two feet.  It's gonna fall and make a big mess.  Thankfully hubby had shoveled the roof off before he went back to work last week or it would be lots worse.  My dog, Scruff, gives this snow the evil eye when he goes out.  He doesn't want to get near it!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. oh no - you poor thing - you need a hand pieced project to keep your eye in!

    hope it's better soon - and stay clear of your snow awning!

  2. Oh, sorry to hear about your leg. Poor you! Rest up well and I hope it feels better soon. Love your snow pictures though. I'm sure it's no picnic to live with but I've only ever experienced about 6 inches, so that looks amazing to me!!

    S x

  3. Wow!!! Look at all of that snow!!! You block looks great...I love that you are using solids!!
    Oh my...your leg looks painful!! I hope you get better quick! Looks like you'll be needing some more hand sewing or knitting projects for now!

  4. Holy crap! See why exercise is evil? I just finished my oh my stars and love it! Cannot wait to see yours in solids!