Friday, September 28, 2012

Messed up Farmer

I think my Farmer is messed up!  I thought Farmers worked mostly in the spring and summer.  Well, mine sat all summer!!!!!
I finally got started on my Farmer's Wife quilt this week.  I got a nice bit of fabric from Silly Mama Quilts.  I was running out of Fig Tree fabric to use.  The shame!!!

This week I made:
#58 Mother's Dream

And #59  Night and Day

I got another one finished but since it started Snowing!!!! , the light was crappy for taking a picture.  Boohoo.  Seriously, I could cry.

Since I am making 141 of these thingies, I figure I am a not quite half way.  I have made two of some of the easier blocks.

Happy Farming!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rainy Days...

It has been raining.  Not just raining,  Raining.  The rain sounds like someone is filling up the bathtub.  Nope, it is just filling up the outside.

Last week I drove to Anchorage and back so that my hubby could go to work.  This is 150 miles both ways.  The wind tried to push me into the inlet and the rain tried to drown me.  But I survived.
I had all sorts of plans to work on my crafts after I got back home but I was just so tired.  It was not a relaxing drive.  Mostly I just vegged and did laundry.

I am making something new, thought it is not from fabric or fiber ....

Haha, doesn't look like much does it?  I am making my own vanilla extract.  I used bourbon and some vanilla beans I ordered from Ebay.
It gets darker everyday!!!  I'm thinking that a few of friends will be getting some for Christmas.

Coming soon... Farmers's Wife blocks!!!

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ever Have?

Ever have one of those colds that never really turns into a cold?  Just makes you annoying tired for weeks?  I have one visiting me.  Not my friend.  One day my ear will hurt, then the next day I will be stuffy.  Been going on for 3 weeks.  I wish I would just get SICK and then it would go away.
Mostly it has just made me tired.  So when you are tired, what do you do???
Make hexipuffs!!!!!

Most people probably sleep, huh?

I have a nice little box of them.  I want to start sewing them together sooooo bad, but I know that my tastes in colors varies wildly from time to time so I don't want a mostly pink side.  I want the colors to be all mixed.

And of course, Nosey had to check it out.  Naughty boy grabbed one out too!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Grandmother's Flower Garden and maybe I am a Beaver??

EEP, How I love thee.  I am amazed at how much I love doing this.  I have all sorts of visions of making lovely things..
then reality hits and I realize that it takes a freakin' long time to make just one flower!!

Polka dots are another love.  I keep scanning all the new fabric lines to see if they have little polka dots.   I'm trying to keep my sticky fingers off of all the other fabrics though!

Last post was all about food.  My obsessive need to put food away for the winter.

Maybe I'm a beaver, or a squirrel????

Us weird folk up here in Alaska always say you can tell how bad a winter is going to be by looking at how the Beaver is fixing up his dam.  If it is extra thick, an extra bad winter.  Well,  maybe I had better be looking for a beaver dam.  Last week Anchorage got hit with a winter storm.  Yes, last I looked it was September.  Rain, wind, wind and more wind.  My daughter was without power for 6 days.  130 mph winds will do that.  This last weekend was almost a repeat.  And now they are saying two more are on the way!!!

Maybe I knew it was coming, somewhere deep down inside??  hahaha
I sure hope this is not a prediction of things to come for this winter.  Last winter was bad enough.  At least I will have a bunch of yummy food to eat.  (note to self, get propane tanks refilled. Gotta have a way to cook it!)
And if I get busy maybe I can keep warm under a new quilt!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012


The nights are getting crispy here.

Like in the 30's crisp.  Yikes.  When Fall is upon me I get this desire to buy food.  Hoard food?  Can food.  Freeze food.!
It must be that I devoured Little House on the Prairie books when I was a kid. (Well, actually sometimes I will get a hankering to read them now.) Must get prepared for winter.  You would think the grocery stores shut down.
Well, actually, we did have one winter where there were so many avalanches that the stores stopped trucking food down to us.  It didn't take long til there were mostly just eggplants at the store.

On Wednesday I scored a box of bananas for $5.  Here that is a fabulous price.  I have been dehydrating, freezing some for smoothies and freezing some for banana bread. If you have never had real dehydrated bananas (not the greasy ones from the store) you are missing out.  Most of the time they end up being eaten as soon as they are done.

I also have a case of Granny Smith apples that are being turned into apple butter, apple pie filling, applesauce and maybe some dried apples too.

This turned into applesauce!

Three pies in the freezer.  I freeze them in the pie plates, take them out when they are frozen and then put them in ziplocks in the freezer.  Then all I have to do to make a pie is, make a pie crust and then pop it in the oven!!!
Applesauce and apple butter.
The pictures look a little odd.  We are having an unusual winter type storm heading in.  Strong winds and rain, (thankfully not snow).  More like something we have in November and December.

I still have about one more batch of applesauce to make and some more bananas to process but I did get a lot of it done.  While I was waiting on things to process, I watched Netflixs and sewed on my Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks.  I will show you those soon!!!
Happy Crafting!!!