Monday, September 24, 2012

Rainy Days...

It has been raining.  Not just raining,  Raining.  The rain sounds like someone is filling up the bathtub.  Nope, it is just filling up the outside.

Last week I drove to Anchorage and back so that my hubby could go to work.  This is 150 miles both ways.  The wind tried to push me into the inlet and the rain tried to drown me.  But I survived.
I had all sorts of plans to work on my crafts after I got back home but I was just so tired.  It was not a relaxing drive.  Mostly I just vegged and did laundry.

I am making something new, thought it is not from fabric or fiber ....

Haha, doesn't look like much does it?  I am making my own vanilla extract.  I used bourbon and some vanilla beans I ordered from Ebay.
It gets darker everyday!!!  I'm thinking that a few of friends will be getting some for Christmas.

Coming soon... Farmers's Wife blocks!!!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Such a beautiful picture at the top! Rain might not be good for driving in, I agree there, but apparently it's good for a photo!! (Looking forward to FW blocks too!)

    S x