Friday, September 28, 2012

Messed up Farmer

I think my Farmer is messed up!  I thought Farmers worked mostly in the spring and summer.  Well, mine sat all summer!!!!!
I finally got started on my Farmer's Wife quilt this week.  I got a nice bit of fabric from Silly Mama Quilts.  I was running out of Fig Tree fabric to use.  The shame!!!

This week I made:
#58 Mother's Dream

And #59  Night and Day

I got another one finished but since it started Snowing!!!! , the light was crappy for taking a picture.  Boohoo.  Seriously, I could cry.

Since I am making 141 of these thingies, I figure I am a not quite half way.  I have made two of some of the easier blocks.

Happy Farming!!!


  1. They're lovely! I particularly like Mother's dream. I know it's simple, but it looks so well done and the fabrics are so cute it's adorable. Anyway, perhaps Farmer's Wives were too buy to sew in summer too ;-)

    Sandra x

  2. haha...your farmer isn't messed up...just likes to work a different season =D
    I'm so happy you were able to use the Fig Tree prints. Your blocks sure are pretty!!!
    WHAT?!?! snow??? oh my goodness!!!!! You better get your farmer a snowsuit =P