Monday, October 8, 2012

Foodie Stuff

I got a new cookbook.  Now if you could see my cookbook cabinet you would say, "Why did you need another cookbook?"
Cookbooks are so wonderful.  They are like little books of tasty treasures.  All the possibilities!!

Being the wierdie that I am, I always like to start at the front of the cookbook and work my way through.  That didn't work this time.  The front cover caught the kids eyes and that is what I made first. Homemade pop tarts.
I behaved and didn't try them.  If I would have I would not have been able to stop and I would have eaten them all.  So I let the girls eat them.  I made jam, nutella and cinnamon sugar.  The jam and nutella were the favorites.

Yes, these look a bit unfortunate.  But I just had to share.  haha

Next time I will be a little less messy with the egg wash.

And while those were cooking, I  found some bugs in my sugar!!

Just kidding.  I made some vanilla sugar with some of the leftover vanilla beans from my vanilla extract.  It is crazy expensive to buy but this is super easy and cheap to make.  This will be so yummy sprinkled over fruit or on top of cookies.
Now that I have gained 5 pounds by posting this, I had better go to the gym.


  1. I have that book and *love* it...although I have to admit the only thing I have actually made from it (and made repeatedly) is granola :) Your pop tarts look super!

  2. thanks for sharing..

  3. Ohhhh that looks like a good cook book!!! hahaha...your pop tarts look awesome, even with the egg white =P And I love vanilla sugar! It's so so so yummy =D

  4. Homemade pop tarts... oh my! what a delicious post to pop by on! *hello* from a new follower, Hazel x