Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Farming

Not sure about you but I think it is too cold outside to do much farming here.  So I will do the inside kind.  Quilting!!!

Noon and Night- somehow I made two of these, but that is ok, I have to repeat some anyways to get the amount I need for a King sized quilt.

Old Windmill

Now I noticed that I skipped one in the book, Northern Lights!  Will have to do that one next!

Been doing a few other crafty things and getting everything ready for winter.  None too soon because the snow is on the ground.
Happy Crafting and Farming!!!


  1. Your FW look so great! Snow on the ground seems too early :(

  2. Oh my goodness, snow already?! Yikes! Anyway, your FW blocks are looking great!!

  3. OH wow that is going to be so pretty! And cosy :) Love that you get snow... we don't even get flurries! It's rain or no rain in my corner of the world! I just dream of being snuggled under a big quilt with the snow falling :)

  4. Snow?!? Already?? Oh my!! i would be inside too LOL!!! The FW wife blocks look gorgeous as always!!! I love the Old Windmill!! Stay warm!!