Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ever Have?

Ever have one of those colds that never really turns into a cold?  Just makes you annoying tired for weeks?  I have one visiting me.  Not my friend.  One day my ear will hurt, then the next day I will be stuffy.  Been going on for 3 weeks.  I wish I would just get SICK and then it would go away.
Mostly it has just made me tired.  So when you are tired, what do you do???
Make hexipuffs!!!!!

Most people probably sleep, huh?

I have a nice little box of them.  I want to start sewing them together sooooo bad, but I know that my tastes in colors varies wildly from time to time so I don't want a mostly pink side.  I want the colors to be all mixed.

And of course, Nosey had to check it out.  Naughty boy grabbed one out too!!!

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I know what you mean, they never seem to amount to much, those types of colds but just keep bugging you. Hope you feel better soon though!

    Your hexies are coming on great, you're getting a good pile there and such temptations for little doggies!!

    S x

  2. lol - you must have heaps of these by now - hope you're feeling better - we're just starting to warm up here, although it was a bit cold today - the veggies certainly enjoyed the rain and the sunshine all in one day

  3. Ohhhh I hope you are feeling better soon!!! That must be so irritating! At least you are getting some hexies done and they look super cute =D And you doggie is too cute =D