Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swap Time

Good morning all!!
I am doing  a swap with some friends over on Ravelry.  Yes, I know that is a knitting site but a few of us on one board kept talking about our quilting projects too so we decided to do a swap.  Everyone picked out the colors that they wanted and we assigned months to each person.

These are the blocks that I have received so far.

Aren't they awesome!!!  I plan on making some black and white blocks myself to add to the mix and I will have a quilt of hugs from my Ravelry buddies!!

Time to start my day.  I am running on slow-mo and everything takes twice as long to do.  Going to go to the grocery store today and get my food for the week.  Planning out my menu for the week has not only been a money saver, but a sanity saver too!!!

Because I went to a party on Friday night I had to stay off my leg all day yesterday but..... I did get some sewing done.  Hope to take pictures later today.

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. How fun!!!! The blocks are super cute!!! I have to go grocery shopping today too, but I think I'm going to sew a bit more first LOL!