Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SS or a Slight Repeat of Sunday

Swap and Snow.  That is all I've got!!!

This is the Nested Star that I made for my swap.  
I was having a bit of trouble with this one.  I knew that something was wrong and I kept talking out loud to myself trying to figure it out.  My daughter asked me if everything was ok.  No!!!  I double checked the pattern cutting instructions cause I knew one of the blocks was the wrong size.  Duh!!! I had cut it wrong.  Once I fixed my mistake it went together wonderfully!!
Now I would like to make one for myself!!

Now, the second S.  I should have just stayed in bed the other day.  I knew there was snow.  And it is still snowing.  We are at the 3rd snowiest winter on record.

Don't laugh!!  This was my front walk.  The only thing that had walked up it was a moose who was snacking on my roses.

That is my six foot fence in the backyard.  Parts of it are covered this morning.

But it is pretty!  I am thankful for the freezing rain and some of the thawing we have had this year or I would be covered in snow.  We have probably had at least 4 more feet before some melted.

Now on to a happier subject.
This will eventually become a Granny Square Quilt.  I saw this quilt on Pinterest a while ago and fell in love.  I am cutting the little squares out of scraps.  I also ordered a gray instead of my normal white.  I thought it might make a good change of pace.  So excited!!!!  I need to finish something so I have time to work on this.
Now it is off to the gym and back to do some snow shoveling.
Happy Crafting and Happy Leap Day!!


  1. Your block looks perfect!! The Granny Square quilt along is so so tempting!! I would really like to make a queen size one =D
    ok...back to sewing!!
    p.s. I can't believe how much snow you have!!!! I wish I had some sunshine to send you...we only have rain right now.