Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

I finished one rose star block for the rose star block party.  I think this block is a bit to hard for my first try at English paper piecing!

I like the looks of it, but all those little pieces, Whew!!  I am appliquéing, or attempting to applique this block onto a background piece and will make a pillow out of it.
Since that block was beyond me,  I decided to try something easier.  Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I have always loved these so much.

Much easier!!!  I didn't even over baste this time.
This is a perfect project for me to work on while I am elevating my leg (which I have to still do more than I am happy with).  I have another almost finished that has pink in place of the blue.

Still not too much crafting going on, but I am trying.  I am making a clapotis for my MIL for her birthday but that gets boring really quick.  I only like the part where I get to drop a stitch and make it run!
And I am very slowly working on some more Farmers blocks.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Your cookies look delicious!!!!!!!!!!! =D
    I love your Grandmother's Flower Garden!!!! I really want to make one of those.
    Your Rose Star block turned out really nice, but wow it looks hard!!!!

  2. Love those cookies, they look delish! You are to be commended for your quilting skill. I've always wanted to quilt. I'm sure once I get moved this summer, I'll be able to take it up.
    I'll be watching for more inspiration. Great job you're doing. Keep it up!

  3. I for the life don't know I got to your site but I have thoroughly enjoyed your quilting blocks!!!
    Your colors are wonderful. I am also doing a flower garden and I just want to share something I
    learned afew years ago you might be interested in. Instead of sewing the hexegons with whip stitch
    I use a ladder stitch. I went to youtube.com and they do have several tuitorials you might be
    interested in viewing. You see no threads whatsoever. Use the color of the pieces you are joining
    and use 2 thread as it makes it stronger. I learned later that this stitch was desiged to sew bras
    to strapless formals. they used upholstery thread as it is extremely strong. If you are doing the
    hexegons I don't think you need that heavy thread. You might try it. again thanks for a nice
    treat viewing your crafts. Paula from Wyoming