Friday, February 24, 2012

Farming Birdies and Some More Cleaning

It's Friday!!!
I actually finished two Farmer's blocks this week.
The first one is #51 Hovering Birds

And #52 Hovering Hawks

Both blocks went together easily.  My brain must be back!!!!

More confession time with my cleaning.  I clean when I am worried or upset.  Do you?  I got some bad news on my leg situation and have been cleaning.  A lot.  Watch out spot on the floor!  Dusty?  No more!  Scrub and rub.
I found this cleaner today.
Is it the best ever?  I don't know, I had just cleaned my showers on Tuesday.
Did it do a good job?  Yes, everything looks sparkling clean.
Will I make it again?  Yes, it was practically free cause I had everything I needed to make it at home.
Some tips!
Don't set your sprayer on stream.  When the hot vinegar mixture hits you in the face, it is ewww.
It is a bit funky smelling.  Ok, more than a bit.  It made me sneeze and the doggy too.  But just when I was spraying it.  And don't close the bathroom door after you have sprayed it.  After two hours it was a bit strong.
Next time I use this I will spray it on before I go to the gym.  That way it can work and I can wipe it down while I am taking a shower.  It was really soapy!!!!!!!

That's all for today,  I have the rest of the evening free so I am planing on doing some more sewing and a bit of knitting.  Now I must attend to the dog.  He wants me to look at the moose that is outside.  I don't know why that makes him feel better, but it does.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. They look great! I hope our leg is okay. Health stuff is always such a pain!

  2. Love your hoovering birds! So sorry to hear that you got bad news about your leg, I hope it's nothing too serious.

    S x

  3. I love your new blocks!!! You even made a dark one =D I hope you leg starts healing properly soon!! And don't clean too much. I do the same thing when I'm stressed!! It makes me feel sooo much better!!

    p.s. the pinterest link wouldn't work for me :(