Monday, January 16, 2012

Farmer's Wife Week 20

Good Monday Morning!!
It is crisp and cold here.  Good day to stay home and get crafting.  (Well, after I go to the gym.)

I have been keeping up with my plan to make one Farmer block each day.
And that gets us...
#39 Friendship

Yup, I made two of these easy ones!!!

And #40 Friendship Block

See this green???  I was beginning to run out of my Fig Tree Quilt fabric so I was snooping around on Etsy to see if I could find some more AND California Girl popped up.  I have loved this fabric from the first time I saw it.  In about 15 seconds that fabric was in my cart and paid for!!!!  Now, I am not breaking my motto for the year.  I really have just about "used it up" on my Farmer's Wife blocks.
The colors are a bit more "springish" but all of her fabrics have the same tone so I think they will look good together.

Here is a few of the blocks together.

I also worked on my Swoon this weekend.  Oh my!  I think this quilt is going to be gorgeous.  I will have to hide it so it doesn't get stolen by one of my girls!!
I have a bit of time before I head to the gym, so I am going to push laundry and work on my FW block for today.
Happy Crafting!!


  1. Oh I love those two blocks! And you have one in California Girl fabric YAY!!!! I think they all look great together! How many more do you have to make? I can't wait to see it all finished up!!

  2. such beautiful colours - it evokes 'times past' with those gentle tones - very, very pretty

  3. They're looking lovely all together aren't they? It's going to make a great quilt, how big are you planning on going?

    Thanks so much for joining me in the PCH project. I've added your linky to my site. I should be good (I hope)!

    S x

  4. Wow! Just love all your blocks. Such a wonderful soft and lovely look to this quilt.