Sunday, January 8, 2012

Smokin' the Farmer's Wife, Week 17

I have been sewing these Farmer's Wife blocks like crazy this week.  I think I missed my sewing machine while I was on vacation.

Block #33 Farmer's Puzzle
This block gave my heart a little lurch when I saw it but it went together easily.

Then along came Flock #34
Any block that uses the blue polka-dots is a favorite of mine.

I might even be a quarter of a way through these blocks.   I think the sashing is going to be a huge project!!!!

I was talking with my friend Sasha and told her that I really needed to stay away from blogs for a while.  I found two more quilt a longs that I would love to do.  Wah, I am still an a-long addict.
I haven't made up my mind if I will join these two new ones or just be jealous as everyone posts their pretties.

And I will leave you with the pretty sunset we had tonight.  I was glad to see it cause it means I will have some time to finish taking care of all the snow we have had in the last two days.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Oh my!!! That first block does look complicated, but so does the second with all of the little pieces. I'm glad they went together well! You are cruising through them!! Your sunset picture is beautiful!! The snow looks so pretty. It should just stay like that now :)

  2. they're really pretty colours in the blocks - and from that gorgeous sunset i can see where you get your inspiration

  3. your blocks are fabulous! looking forward to seeing your Swoon blocks too!