Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Cookbook

Last week I bought a new cookbook, to go with the 500 I already have.   I love cookbooks!  They are so fun and yummy to look at.  This one I bought at a little bookstore that has my favorite cafe in it.  Hubby and I like to go there for lunch when he is home.  We both thought this one had a bunch of good looking recipes in it.
I made some Pecorino Crackers but forgot to take a picture.  And then I made some of these.
Watermelon, tomato and basil.  Hubby wasn't so sure but then he tried it and thought they were very good.  It is an unusual combination, but it works.  Once the husband is back home from work I plan on trying a few more recipes.

Last night I tried really hard to work on my FWQAL blocks.  But.... my daughter wanted to go on a run.  So I went with her and was so tired afterward that I was only able to get half a block done.  We ran 4 miles and I had already run 3 earlier in the day.  Whew.  We went for a shorter one tonight so I think I can get to the sewing machine and use it without the worry of hurting myself.
Happy Crafting and Have a Happy Weekend!!

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