Saturday, July 9, 2011

FWQAL Week Three, For Me!

I don't feel like I have been very crafty lately.  THINGS just kept coming up that needed to be done.  I had to mow the lawn (a two day project) and the flowers and veggies needed to be watered.  The weeds keep coming back too.  How inconsiderate!  Plus, I really needed to vacuum my house.  I even did both sets of stairs and I scrubbed the tubs and showers.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser,  I love you!
However, I did find some time yesterday to work on the Farmer's Wife Blocks.  My 15 year old daughter had gone to coffee with a friend and when she came back home, I happened to watch 7 more girls walk up the steps with her.  They were going to make cookies.  So, while the flock of chickens, and one lone rooster who showed up about 10 minutes later, made cookies, I hid, um, went to my craft room and worked on the blocks.
I made #5, Bat Wing and #6, Big Dipper.
Since the idea of 111 blocks just hanging around gives me the shivers, I picked up an organizer yesterday.  It has three drawers and I am using one for the fabric, one for the templates and one for the completed blocks.

Pretty fabrics from Fig Tree.

All six blocks.

I am hoping that I will be caught up soon.
By the way, the cookies were delicious and they cleaned up the kitchen perfectly when they were done.
Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Love that blue fabric with the reddy/orange flowers - gorgeous!

    S x