Sunday, July 3, 2011

Messy Day

 Today was a messy day.  I am making a cake for tomorrow and I wanted to do something fun.  Now I have blue and red fingers.  I hope all this mess turns into a fun cake tomorrow.

This quilt top is one I am making for my daughter's Jr. class to raffle off to raise money for the Prom.  I am not so sure about it.  It is a bit wild.  The large blocks are fabric from Barbara Lavalee.  It is called Blanket Toss. This one might have to live with me and I might make another one for the raffle.

Today was the second day of "Tour de Fleece" over on Ravelry.  I totally forgot yesterday and didn't get any spinning done.  I am not a great spinner so this is good for me.  Makes me spin a bit everyday(that I remember!).  This fiber is a merino wool that I dyed a few years ago.  It has some bits that are a little felted. I enjoyed sitting on the back porch spinning and listening to the sweet little birdies. I like to leave little bits of fluff as love offerings for them.  Makes me smile to think they might use it in their nests.  I have never seen them take any.  I've seen them take cat hair though!!!

The Stricken socks are coming along slowly.  I try to work on these when no one else is home.  This would not be a fun pattern to make a mistake on.  Only a few more rows of this chart and then on to the heel.
Happy Crafting!!!!!

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