Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camp Loopy Progress

I'm making some progress on my never ending scarf,  Basalt.  It is a super easy knit, which is what I need right now.  Everyone is taking time off at work, so my little two day a week job is right now a 4 or 5 day a week job. Yes, I love working there but I really wasn't planning on working that much.  I feel like a gerbil on a wheel, running but never going anywhere!  haha

Basalt has an I-cord edging that goes on the long edge.  Since I hadn't planned on making this pattern, I didn't order a color for the edge.  Of course, when I started looking I just couldn't decide.

I'm partial to the pink (surprised??) and hubby likes the orange/red.  Which is your favorite?

In this picture you can see how the colors blend.  I was so excited that they actually went together like I was hoping they would.  It is hard to choose colors like that on a monitor.

I hear that the I-cord edging takes a long time so I had better get in gear and get the main part done!!

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I love the pink and blue together, one of my favorite color combos... but the orange-red is such a nice POP of color as well... so hard to choose. Can't! haha

  2. love the orangey red - love the colours of the others too - what a sweet scarf!