Monday, July 2, 2012

A Big Bang

Did you hear that big BangBoom last week???  It was me.  I fell hard at Sunshine Yarns last week.
Here is how it goes:
I see something in the Shop Updates Thread that I just need!  Ok, want but this is my story.  :)
I am at the gym, I see it is almost 9:00.  I take a potty break, (I am not working at this point, working out).  I grab my phone and hide in the bathroom.  I refresh, refresh.... only this time, the pretties that I wanted were almost the last to go up.  So, I stick a few things in my cart.  Yup, those will be sold out by the time I get done.  My phone is so little and it is so easy to click on stuff.  See, this is my story again.  Sometimes I hold my phone up way high to get better reception.  I'm sure the other ladies think I am insane.  Whew, there is that pretty yarn I wanted.  Check out.  Run back to my class.  They all must think I have crazy bladder problems.
After I get home, I check to see what I got.  Gack, tons!!!!  I need to knit faster.

See that pretty green one on the right.  All it's fault!!!
It's called Emerald City and I just fell in love.

Dani at Sunshine Yarns is also having a Colorado Wildfire Fundraiser.  She is putting together some great prizes for anyone who donates.
This is dear to my heart because we have so many wildfires each year in Alaska.  If we weren't so sparsely populated we would have the same situation.  Most of ours are just left to burn out because we have so many dead trees from the spruce bark beetle infestation.  But each year some homes are lost when they are started in populated areas.  I have memories as a child of watching my parents hose down the house and yard as a fire burned right across the lake from us.  The helicopters would scoop up the water from the lake and dump it on the fire.  If you've been wanting to help, this is a great way and you might win some goodies!!!!

I had a change of plans on my Camp Loopy 2 project.  The other one just wasn't working out!!!!
Update soon.  :)
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. GAH!!! I forgot about the update :( shoot LOL! Your yarns are gorgeous!!!! You got some really really pretty ones!!! I'm definitely going to donate to the Wildfire Fundraiser. I feel so awful for all of the families that lost their scary!!

  2. can totally see that emerald city is to blame - gorgeous stuff!

  3. I can't pick a favorite (bummer, right?), but I can definitely understand the due guilt to that green suspect over there on the right ;P Can't wait to see what you do with it!