Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh My Stars

This weekend I worked on some Oh My Stars! quilt blocks.  It is funny working with solids.  I do miss the patterns and the pretty colors of prints.

These are the pinkish colors that I have done so far.  I have some orange colors too.  My plan was to go with just these types of colors but I may get super bored and have to add some teal!!!

Tomorrow is my daughter's first soccer game.  It is in Anchorage so I plan to drive up there and watch.  I might just leave a bit early and stop by my favorite quilt shop too!!
Then next week starts the "crazy soccer schedule".  Games everyday except Sunday for two weeks.  Then Regions and then State.  It is all over in one month.  So, I might be a bit scarce during that time.

I am just about ready to frog my Color Affection shawl.  I am having the hardest time picking out the next color.  I was thinking of ripping it out and starting over with different colors.  ????

I was trying out all sorts of different colors to see what would look best.

I have some time before I make the dinner, (homemade pizza, dough is all ready).  Sewing time for me!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!!


  1. I love your colour affection shawl! Those colours look lovely, like a sunset! I'd use the red colour (to the left of the middle lilac next), if it was me!

    S x

  2. You solid stars look great!!! If you get bored, you could always just throw in another color =D I think that is a great idea!
    Nooooooo frogging of the color affection shawl. It's so pretty!!! I love all the colors you have picked out for the third one! I can see why you are having a hard time picking just one. You can do it!!! At least you'll have something to work on during all of those soccer games =D

  3. I think your pink stars look really great and a pop of teal would really look awesome!

  4. I nominated you for Liebster - check out my blog ! :D