Saturday, May 5, 2012


That is all I can say.  Things have been wild around here!

Soccer season has begun.
Last week I went up to Anchorage for a game.

What a gorgeous drive!!!

This was at the intersection where you decide if you are going to Anchorage or Seward.
It was nice and warm for the game and I only wore a shirt and my Cold Gear Under Armour.

Tuesday, this week, the team went to Homer.  I had a root canal that morning, so oldest daughter and I decided to go down a bit earlier and do some shopping.  If anything should be an excuse for some retail therapy, it is a root canal.

Yarn shopping anyone????  Yes, this is Homer's yarn shop.  :)

Only in Alaska!!!  Sadly they were closed for the day.  But true to Homer style, the owner saw me looking in the window and told me they were closed because she was dyeing yarn that day.  And did I want to help??  I would have if the game hadn't of been in 20 minutes.
We went to a clothing store and also a home decorating store where I wanted to take everything home with me.  I did get a cute sign for my laundry room.
Looks warm out, huh?  Lies!!!!  By the end of the game I was so cold that I had all over body shakes and my teeth were chattering.  Not the best thing for a new root canal.  I had on several layers and two blankets.  My fingertips still stung the next morning!!!!

Next post will have a tiny, tiny amount of crafting.  I promise!

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. Oh wow! Those pictures are gorgeous!!! It looks really cold though :(
    That has to be the cutest little yarn store! I hope you next time they are open when you go. I would love to see the inside!!