Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My Color Affection shawl is finished!!!  Yah!
I used Sunshine Yarns Classic sock to knit it.  Such nice yarn.

And just because I always get goofy...

What you can't see in this picture, is my cat.  He is racing around like a crazy man, jumping at us, jumping at trees, falling over, tearing off again.  We were laughing so hard at him.  He gets a little silly when it is windy.

Now I need to make some Progress on my Camp Loopy Project!
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! now I wish I had picked three colors and not two colors and a gray....hmmmmmm
    It really is gorgeous!!!!
    I'm trying to picture you, your daughter, and your cat all playing outside =P You need to do a video post next time!!!

  2. Oh my, this is seriously gorgeous! Love your colour changes and the asymmetrical style of the pattern. So fab! Right, I'm off to follow the pattern link right now .....

    S x

    Ps - yes, my cat goes nuts in the wind too - dopey creature!!