Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Camp Loopy

I've been knitting away on my Camp Loopy Sweater.  We've had some nicer weather so I have had to spend some time outside working in the yard, but the sweater is now about 10 inches.   I have exactly three weeks from today to get it finished.


You see that little stitch marker on the bottom??

Yup, I knitted it right into the sweater.  Only I could do something like that!!!  Maybe I should leave it as a design feature!!!

I must feel confident that I am going to be able to complete this, cause I am already excited to hear about the next challenge.

Anyone recognize this??  It is last years Designer Mystery Quilt, Block 1.  I've been itching to work on these blocks but like I always say, I run out of time!! 

Block one is Done!!!  Block two is cut out and sitting on my cutting mat, very patiently.  The amount of fabric in this kit is so generous that I will have a bunch left over that I can use for my Farmer's Wife blocks.  I haven't used any of Fig Tree Quilts Strawberry Fields on those blocks yet.

Time to get "all the things done" so that I can knit, knit, knit like crazy on my sweater.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. hehehehe...that's so funny that you knit the stitch marker right into the sweater. how are you going to get it out?
    Your quilt block looks amazing!!! Go you!!!
    I hope you get your sweater finished in time =D

  2. I would leave in the stitch marker. It's like your sweater has its own body piercing! LOL... I am also working on the 2011 DMBOM and the blocks just get better with each one. More exciting. I have three left to make and then finishing kit, which is like a project in itself (if you ordered it originally from FQS). Love your knitting skills, wish I had learned to knit already. It's on my lifetime list of things to do though! All the best, Jennifer