Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finding the Time

I have to admit that I am a bit jealous (ok, a lot jealous) of the bloggers who seem to get a ton of crafting done.  Lots of them have small children and I just don't know how they do it!!!
Me, my children aren't small anymore.  So where does my time go?  As I have been working around the house the last few days I have been making a mental list.

Things I Spend Time On:

Work- I only work part time.
Exercise- ok, probably spend a bit more time than normal in this department
Cleaning- I am a bit of a neat freak, so yes, this takes up an abnormal part of my day.
Shopping- meh.....Unless it is fabric or yarn, but that is almost always ordered.   I do need new work shoes and some new jeans but they can wait.
Cooking- Probably normal here, I make dinner most nights and bake every few days.
Yard Work/ Outside stuff- This is seasonal and I am a fair weather type of girl.  Spring is a big
outdoor time and I have to remove the snow when it comes.
Internet- Normal??  I am always doing something else at the same time.
Sleep- I really need 9 hours but usually get 8
Interacting with Family- I have figured out that this the thing I spend most of my time on.  If it is helping a kid pick out college classes, looking at these cute new shorts that they found online, or just jabbering with them while they are having a snack, this isn't going to change.  No matter how many cozy quilts I can make for them or giving them a stack of cute new gloves, it can't take the place of face time.  :)
Laundry-It gets its own spot.  I swear mine is possessed.  I can get it all done and the next day, dirty clothes.  I don't do my kids laundry, thank goodness, or I would never emerge from the laundry room.

So I suppose that leaves me exactly 38.2 seconds per day to work on my "Projects".  Yipppeeee!!!!

Some of my upcoming "projects".

Some of these will be made into hubby's favorite jam.

This thing.  :)

Not the broken part. (That happened in a big storm last winter.  A tree from the neighbors house fell across the road and broke it.  Hubby is going to fix that.)   I am going to stain it and the decks.  If I can get a day without rain.  And yes, there is another one on the other side of the driveway!!

Flowers!!  Love them!!!

I added some annuals around my perennials.  I'm not sure if it will show up but I started with white, went to pinkish, and then went to red.  Sorta like a ombre.  You can also see that I had a helper.

I did order the chandelier for the laundry room.  There are good and bad reviews.  If it looks hokey, I can dress it up with some of that sparkle paint that I am dying to buy.
And hubby will have 3 weeks off of work soon, so that is when the sink will go in.  I found something that was much more reasonably priced.  Not gonna spend a fortune on a sink for just laundry!!!!
The poor storage room has just been sitting there with just the edging done!!!

I have been brainstorming for ways to find more time.  Anyone have any great ideas??  Things that work for you??   Please share!!

Now, my Camp Loopy project is beckoning me!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I love the pictures in this post!!! The grass, flowers, fruit, and a kitty!!! I think the chandelier will look adorable in the laundry room. You are busy busy busy. I think this time of year, you just don't get as much crafting time. Enjoy your outside time and time with your kids!!! Maybe we can figure out how to clone ourselves...then at least the housework would be taken care of =P

  2. I have no tips for finding more time.

    I don't know how others (with small children) are so prolific with their projects. Maybe they go to preschool? Have family near by? Have a hubby that doesn't work late? Sometimes I can be a bit green eyed too. I would love an entire chunk of time to quilt or craft.

    Instead I try to enjoy where I'm at and my blessings. Or a good book. Or a good nap. :)