Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Sunshine Hug

A very long time ago, in a far away land.... oops, wrong story.  Anyways, a very long time ago I joined a traveling scarf group over in Sunshine Land.  Everyone in this group is super nice, and the yarn is just fabulous.  If you have never tried Dani's yarn, you must!!!  The colors, oh my!!
Last week, this showed up in the mail.

I got it all washed and blocked and now I just have to wait til winter to wear my hug.

Jam!!!!  I made some with apricots/blueberries, and some that had a few bing cherries in them.   We already ate a whole jar of the apricot/blueberry!!!  I wish I could grow fruit like this.  I would can it all!!!

I bonked my head pretty hard yesterday so the next few days I have to take it easy.  I got quite a bit done on my Folded sweater.  I think I just don't like to knit sleeves.  I think they should just take a few minutes cause they are small, but they seem to take forever!!!!!

Happy First Day of Summer!!!


  1. Look how cute your scarf turned out!!!

    Your jam looks delicious!!! I'm adding making jam to my list of things to try this summer =D chores today!!! Rest your poor poor head!!!!

  2. I love that scarf! The random assortment of colors and colorwork is just awesome. Well done!

  3. that jam looks fantastic - my husband adores jam - especially homemade - but he'll have to wait - it's winter here so no homemade jam for a whle!
    take care of that bump on the head - make sure you rest - did you see stars??