Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not Quite Finished....

The laundry room is progressing.  It still needs a few things.  A sink for one.  The sink that I fell in love with was about $140, same as the utility sinks.  I was so excited.  Then I saw that the pedestal was another $180.  Wow, that is a bit spendy for a laundry room sink.  I will have to look around for another option.

Hubby scrubbing the floor.

Floor is done.  Boy, was that stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super messy, but you can see that it is getting better!
Look at that, I am airing my dirty laundry!!!

 Need to finish those cabinets.

The blue is a bit deeper than the pictures show.  We have been having a lot of sun and it makes it look washed out.  But it is so much brighter in there!  Before it was a muddy pink.  yuk!

Next up will be the storage room.  I'm painting it this color, called Innocence.  Yup, muddy pink walls again.  And the blinds were that mauve color.

I have to get some laundry done today or we will all be going naked.  Tonight I hope to finish the cabinets in the laundry room.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. It looks awesome so far!!! I love the colors!! I think we had that same muddy pink in our entire house when we bought it. It's such a terrible color. It just looked dirty all the time :(