Saturday, April 7, 2012


I made two more swap blocks.  These were made while watching Mad Men.  Can you believe I haven't ever seen that show before??

This is Two Colors Star from Fresh Lemons.  I love all her star blocks.

This one is Plaid Star from the Thought and Sound blog.
Every one of my swap blocks have been stars!!    I see a few star quilts in my future.  I want to make every block that I made for the swappers for myself!
I have the next and last block cut out, just waiting for time to sew it together.  She requested creams and whites.
This is my month to receive blocks and I already have one here!  So much fun!  After I get them all I will take a picture or two.

We are going to Easter dinner at a friends.  I don't have to cook the whole meal!  It is going to be untraditional and we are having southern foods.  I am going to make some cornbread and make mini pecan pies.  And maybe some of these brownies I saw a recipe for yesterday!

Time to get ready to go get my hair cut and make one last little trip to the store.  And would someone please make it stop snowing?????

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I'm chuckling because down here the southern food is the traditional food. :) What would you normally have?

    Where do you live? I can't guess beyond a place with lots of snow and moose. :)

  2. I have been trying to resist Mad Men...but then I see previews and love the 'vintage' clthes the cast wears...hmmm should watch. Love the blocks!

  3. Oh my's still snowing? Stop stop stop!!! LOL!!!!
    I love your blocks, especially the two color star!!! Do I need to start watching Mad Men? Is it good?
    Happy Easter =D

  4. Oh man! That is such a bummer that it is still snowing! We had a beautiful warm sunny day finally. Your blocks are so pretty! I love star blocks too!!! Happy Easter!