Monday, April 2, 2012

Farming in the Sun

Hello all!  We have been having some beautiful sun lately.  My back deck is almost free of snow!!  Our road is awful.  It feels like bumper cars driving down the road.  Awful!!!!  Melt, melt!

I made a few more Farmer's Wife blocks too.

#56  Maple Leaf

I made it green cause it was green in the book, but now I am thinking, it should have been red.  It was an easy block so when I chose my extras to do, maybe this will be one, AND in red!

#57 Morning

This one is nice and springy.  Just what I am wanting lately.

I also finished a cute little monster.  She is going to go live with one of my Ravelry friends.

Last night I cast on for Color Affection in these colors....

The yummy colors are from Sunshine Yarns in Classic.  More spring colors!!
I think this will be a pretty easy knit.  I finished half of the first section last night.  I used the one on the left for my first section.

Happy Crafting and Happy Spring???


  1. Your FW blocks are fantastic! So is the yarn...I love the little bits of other colors in each skein.

  2. Your Color Affection shawl is going to be gorgeous in those colors!!!! I love the little monster and Morning!!!! So pretty!!!

  3. Lovely blocks! I think the leaf will be lovely in red too!

  4. Love your FW blocks!! I really need to get back to mine at some point. Lost the momentum & too many new distractions.

  5. i love your Morning block, but now i desperately want to see what your color affection shawl will look like in those colors!

  6. your fw blocks are so pretty!! love them!! and what a cute little monster!! so fun!!

  7. I just started following your blog and have been excited to see all the FW blocks you have made. I have the book and plan to do this quilt in Fig Tree collections as well. You are the second blogger I have now seen doing this (the other is A Quilting Life by Sherry). So inspiring to just browse everyone's elses hard work! Are you using the templates from the CD or have you tried the Marti Mitchell acrylic templates for these? Or do you just do the math by yourself? Thanks for the beautiful eye candy! Jennifer