Monday, March 26, 2012

Swap Block

I finished another swap block.  I think this is my favorite one so far.  (Do I say that everytime?)

This is Lone Starburst by Six White Horses.  How fun!!  I don't use batiks very often but I really love these blue and aqua colors.

Miss Moose made another appearance the other day.  My hubby is a home brewer and he was cooking his grain and he heard some strange noises.  I was in my sewing room and I could see the moose walking back and forth in front of our house.  I went downstairs to see what she was doing and she was sniffing the garage door!!!!!  Hubby had it open a crack and she had her nose on it. Poor hungry baby!! She started to walk away.
I opened the garage door and....
She says, "Why yes, I would love to come in for lunch."  I had to close the door so she didn't try to come in the garage.  I don't think she would have fit through the door very well.

She is NOT eating any of the grain that might have spilled on the snow!!!!
Don't moose have the funkiest legs?

Time to work on my Farmer's Wife blocks.  Then I have to go to bed early tonight cause I have to get up early (3:30am) to go to my new job.  gurgle, maybe I should have thought this over more.  Naps will be my new best friend.
Happy  Crafting!!!


  1. You're right!! Those blue and aqua colors look amazing!! Your block is perfect!!
    Miss Moose is huge!!!! I feel so bad that she is hungry. I bet she was happy for the grain =D
    I hope you wake up on time tomorrow for work!!!

  2. That block is awesome. That moose, cutie pie! :)

  3. Holy have them in your neighborhood...where do you live and what is that white stuff lol
    I live in Canada and we have not seen much of it and certainly no MOOSE dropping in....ohhh love the block...

  4. Funky is an understatement. :)

    I nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Details are on my blog. :)