Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Pie

Wednesday was Pi day so I made a pie.

It was not the most gorgeous pie ever but it had a nice rustic feel.  I got the idea from The Pioneer Woman cooking show.  I tape that show and watch it during the rare times I am home alone.  I just made my regular pie crust, put in some of the pie filling I had canned last fall, sprinkled on some cinnamon and a few dots of butter and baked it.
It was a hit and hubby suggested I make it again for when we have company for dinner tonight.  Sounds good to me, it is so easy!!!

We have been working on the laundry room.  Yesterday we went looking for floor paint.  Overwhelming!!!  I need to do a bit more research.  Some of the paints say you can't walk on them for 6 days.  Ummm, we might be naked by then.  And... I saw glitter and sparkly paints at Home Depot.  These must find a way to be used in the laundry room!!!!!!!!
I also had a helper with the laundry this week.
 Meet Miss Moosie.  Please excuse the dirty window as there is no way I can get out there to clean it yet.   I'm not sure that she was much of a help but she kept giving me the eye as I was folding clothes.  I was moving very slow because I didn't want to startle her and make her kick the window.  A flood in the laundry room is enough, a broken window would be awful!
And the ugly thing is the background is my ugly greenhouse.  LOL  Which I can't even get in at the moment.  Some years I have started plants in it on tax day.  Not sure that is going to happen this year.

I have a bit of free time today so I am sewing a swap block.  Then I have to start on dinner for my company.
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Your pie looks delicious!!! That is so crazy that the moose is so close to the window!! Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see the big laundry room reveal. I hope you get to use the sparkly paint =D

  2. I just can't get over the fact of the moose being that close to your house! Amazing. Pie looks delish and I'm wishing for some right now.