Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Swoon By Any Other Name

Yah!  I got my Swoon block fixed.  It was a quick fix and it would have been quicker if I would have ripped out the right seams.  Sigh.  I always get so excited and then do silly things.
I am glad that I was not the only one that had a hard time finding the mistake.

I finished another Swap Block.  I have two more to make for March.  I am sticking with my star theme.
This is the Star of Mystery from Fresh Lemons Quilts.  I love all her star blocks.  This was foundation pieced and went together super easy.  (I double checked it for mistakes.)  This swapper wanted jewel tones.  I didn't have any of that type of fabric so I made a little quilt shop run.  They seem pretty jewel toned to me, do you think so??

The jar is getting full!

I have some of the cutest fabrics in there.  I want to start on the Granny Squares so bad, but I am making myself have control.  But it is so hard!! I have been hearing that some people are having problems with the bias edges on the triangles of the background fabric.  I've never had trouble with them before but I've never dealt with them on such a large scale.  I've seen templates that you can use to cut out the triangles.  I've also thought about cutting my strip on the bias and then when I cut the squares into triangles, the triangles would not have a bias edge.  Any thoughts??

This little guy came to live with me this week.
My other rotary cutter was behaving badly and trying to randomly chop off  my fingers.   And you can see by the fuzzles that I have been cutting some fabric, not my fingers. I had another spare but it wasn't as cute as this one. This is the color I have been loving lately.    I have my eye on a mixer in about the same color.  I little bit icier and greener.  Love it!!!

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. lovely swoon blocks - and the star - very 'jewelled' :) re your triangles - cut a square 1.25 ins bigger than the finished required size, (ie, if your little squares are 1", then cut your 'triangle' square at least 2 .25") then cross cut into 4 triangles diagonally - when you add these, your bias edges will be sewn in.

  2. I'm glad your Swoon is all fixed up!! It looks gorgeous!!!
    Those are perfect jewel tones!!! I love that block pretty!!
    Can I borrow that rotary cutter? It sure is cute!! And that mixer....*drool* Oh and if your jar is ever "missing", don't come looking at my house =P

  3. love love love the star block!!!!!

  4. I was going to suggest exactly what SHaocking Hocking has already said! Love the Swoon!