Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farming a Few

A couple more Farmer's Wife blocks.

#54 Kitchen Woodbox
This is the second one  have done of this block.

#55 Linoleum
This was a pretty simple block.  I wanted to add a bit more brown to some of my blocks for balance.
I've still got a long way to go! As of today, I have 65 blocks done of the 145 that I need.  King sized is so big!!!

These lovelies are being cut up for my Granny Squares quilt.  Yes, that is Vintage Modern that you spy!!

I started today at my new job at the gym.  Lots of computer to learn but I think it will be fun.  Very part time and free membership for me and the hubby!!!
I am going to do a few chores to try and warm up and then do a bit of sewing before making dinner.  It was -10 this morning.  Where is spring?  Are you not sharing with me?

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Mmmm. Nice blocks! I have dome vintage modern too. So pretty!!!!

  2. love the new blocks - must get some done......and just read your moose post - hahaha - how funny having a moose stop by - well, funny to me, i'm sure it's quite passe for you ;) - i'm assuming she didn't kick in your window??

  3. Lovely blocks, I love the colour combos in the first one. Can't wait to see the Granny blocks in the new fabric either - looks yum! Well done on the new job, hope all goes well for you. How's the leg doing by the way? Hope it's getting better!

    S x

  4. Cute!!! I love the polka dot fabrics =D Vintage modern....drool!!! I can't wait to get some!! Congrats on your first day at the new job!!!!
    p.s. I tried to send some spring warmth over to ya! It might take a little while to get there :)

  5. You have so many cute ongoing projects!