Monday, March 5, 2012

OOOPssssss and a Baby

Oops!  I didn't even see the mistake until I downloaded the picture.

haha!  Gotta go fix that right now!

I also made another baby gift this weekend.  This time for a baby boy.

I embellished some burp cloths and

 made a little baby hat.

A little update on my leg.  I am waiting to get into see a neurologist so they can test and see the extent of the nerve damage.  It doesn't hurt much anymore, just gets tired easily and aches.

We had a beautiful, sunny day yesterday.  The sun actually had some warmth in in.  And a giggle to go with this picture.  Soccer practice starts today for my daughter.  It is going to be May before they can get outside!!
Time to go fix the Swoon block.
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. oops! I have done that before. I read on a blog that it really helps to take pictures of a quilt to check for boo boos and colour problems.

  2. Took me ages to spot it! What a great view from your window. Makes my longing for spring seem rather strange!

    S x

  3. doh!!!! I had to look your block over a couple of times before I noticed it though =P I love your fabric choices for that one!! Your burp cloths and hat turned out so very cute!!!! That's one lucky baby boy =D