Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas....

Is everyone who celebrates Christmas getting ready?   I knitted a few gifts earlier in the year and thought I was done. Why do I always get these hairbrained ideas to make gifts at the last minute???
I have been planning away and knitting on some earwarmers for my daughter.   I am making the Serendipity Ear Band out of black alpaca.  I knit most of it on Sunday and it was too small.  So I am still working on it.  Not easy to pick out black alpaca!!
I would like to make some Monsters for my nephews.  They shouldn't take too long to make and I can get them in the mail before we leave for vacation.

On the soap front:

The barley wine soap now smells like spice cake!!  
I'm glad the awful smell went away.  We were getting worried.
I really wanted to try to make a goat milk, honey and oatmeal soap so Saturday I bought some goat milk and froze it.  Freezing helps the milk not curdle when you pour the lye in.  Didn't want to smell curdled milk.  Yuk!

I'm glad hubby was the one cutting this.  I don't think I would have been strong enough.  The soap wouldn't set up at first so I looked around on the internet and saw that I needed to stir vigorously.  It helped it set up but I may have stirred a bit too excitedly cause some splashed out and landed on my lip.  It didn't burn me thank goodness, but it stung and I felt like I had a swollen lip.  I've learned my lesson.  Next time I will be more careful.

Hexipuffs!!  The little box I have been storing them is getting full.  I am going to have to transfer them to a different container.  I want to start sewing them together so bad but I think it will be much harder to store them.  These are easy to make while I am watching TV with the hubby.  I have to show him each one after it is done.  He just laughs.

And I leave you with this photo of the start of sunset this afternoon. 
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Mmmmmm...spice cake!! Your new goat milk soap looks great! I'm glad you didn't get hurt too badly from getting it on your lip. I would have been freaking out!! You are really tempting me to give it a try though...even with all the danger!!! The hexies on my "want to make" list!!!

    And you have snow!!! We don't have any yet :(

  2. Now, that looks like a real Christmas scene! Where I live it's usually just drizzle :(

    Love your hexi-puffs, I think I'm catching the bug too. I've only made one so far, but more are coming I think!

    S x

  3. Great photos! I love your little hexies. I thought they were cat toys LOL! You can tell I have cat toys on the brain because they are all over the house with Remy playing with ALL of them:)