Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!

We had a nice trip to Wasilla for my daughter's regional volleyball tournament.  As the quirky things go they had to start off playing a team that they had already beat several times this season.  But..... they didn't know about their secret weapon.  They had a player who had been out for all of the season and wow! was she ever a player!!!  Since they didn't know about her they couldn't make a game plan and they lost their first match.  Then they went on to win all the rest of the matches against other teams and had to play the above mentioned team again for the 3rd place spot to State.  They played much better this time but still wasn't able to beat that team.
Not much crafting was done while I was gone.  I did knit a bit on a sock and made one hexipuff.  haha
The drive up was gorgeous.  I wasn't too sure how the drive was going to be because we had a huge wind storm the day before and had some damage to our house.  It is odd to wake up and see the back porch covered in shingles.
Not a bit of wind and since I was by myself I just took my time and enjoyed the drive.
I stopped by the quilt store (of course) in Anchorage and then went to pick up the hubby from the airport.  Then we drove to Wasilla which is about 45 minutes away.  By the time we got there the wind was wicked and we were so glad to get into our hotel.
While we were up there we went to a farm and bought 50!!! pounds of carrots, ( I might be orange the next time you see a pictureof me.  I can't stop eating them.) and we went to a dairy and bought some cheese.
The drive home Saturday night was a nail biter.  Blizzard the whole way home.  We couldn't turn on the brights cause then we couldn't see so I watched for moose the whole time while hubby drove.  Was I ever glad to get home and sleep in my own bed.  We woke up to a foot of snow the next morning so we had to plow and shovel.
My, this sounds like a weather blog!!!
I bought my fabric for the Noodle head skirt sew along.  EEK!  There goes those alongs again.  I am very behind cause I had to get caught up on some things at home.  I am going to cut it out as soon as I am done here!
I always worry about the sizing but she has given some great tips on the blog.  If it turns out cute I might be able to talk my daughter into letting me make her one.  Might!!!!!!  My fabric is calling to me!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous!!! Do you have to have someone come out to your house and look at the roof? I'm glad it was only the shingles that were damaged. It sounded like a pretty scary wind storm!!! And a blizzard on the way home...eeeeps!!!! That's awful!!!
    I really wanted to do the sew along too, but I never bought the pattern :( Plus I wasn't sure how the elbow would hold up!