Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I wish it was a Sunny Sunday.  The light is leaving my little part of the world quickly.  Sasha and I have been talking about improving our picture taking. It is hard when you don't have a bunch of gorgeous outdoors light.

I bought some poster board that I will tape together and try to use for my projects.  I can take it to the room with the most light and try my hand at photography!!!

My oldest daughter was home for a few days and we decided we should make some Halloween decorations.  First off was this little guy who I saw on Pinterest.
I keep telling everyone to drink milk!!  I want to make some more.
Then we tried making some glitter pumpkins.  Of course, I didn't look at any instructions, I just winged it. Messy!!!!  I used spray glue and then sprinkled the glitter on the pumpkin.  All the glue and glitter that landed on the trash bag I was using stuck to the trash bag.  We ended up just making one of these!
This was all glued on there!
When we were buying our supplies, we bought some tulle to make this wreath. We each wanted one so  I bought six yards thinking that would be plenty.  Ummmm,  I had to go back and get six more yards, then ran out again when they were almost covered.  I was able to find a yard of the black tulle in my craft room so I didn't have to make another trip to Joannes.
I think these turned out cute!  It was so windy when I was taking this picture.  My hair was flying around and the tulle and feathers were going crazy.
Notice the sparkly skull.  That was my daughter's favorite part.
Yesterday I was planning on finishing my Farmer's Wife block, but Friday I got a flu shot. Not sure if the flu shot made me feel awful or if I have a cold but yesterday was mostly spend lazing around knitting  hexipuffs.  Today I feel normal again.  Thank goodness!
Time to do a bit of sewing before I go for a run.  Not sure if today will be an outside run (it's 43 degrees out so not cold), or if I will go to the gym.
Happy  Crafting!!!


  1. I love love love your Halloween decorations!! I think your pumpkin (even though a pain to make) turned out beautiful. I can't believe your wreath took over 12 yards of tulle!!! I love the way it turned out though. You guys have are going to be drinking tons of milk over the next few days LOL!!!

    I'm so happy you noticed the difference in my sock picture. When I'm feeling up to it, I really want to play around with the poster boards. It was such a great idea and I love that it is so portable!!! You are so clever!!

  2. Hey, you won a pincushion! Email me at so I can mail it to you!