Monday, October 17, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL Week 11

Hi all!!  Time for some more Farmer's Wife blocks.
This time around I did
#21 Contrary Wife ( what a name for a quilt block)
And since I just might be a Contrary Wife, I made another.
Next was #22. Corn and Beans.  Whew.  This one was  a toughie!!  I felt like I was putting together a puzzle.   I tried to pick colors that represented corn and beans, yellowish and greenish.  Um, I won't be making another one of these!

As you can see, I am still working on where to take my pictures.  As winter gets closer, the light gets so harsh and soon my lawn will be covered with snow.  There was still some frost on there when I took these pictures.
The grass doesn't make a very flat surface for the quilt blocks!!
Have a great week and Happy Crafting!!!

P.S.  I just posted this to flickr and noticed that people are posting week 20!  I need to get my sewing fingers in gear!!!

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  1. Your blocks are so pretty! I think your second Contrary Wife is my favorite so far!! I have a hard time trying to find a spot to take pictures too. Do you have somewhere outside where you can hang a clothesline or string? That might look cute...having them all hanging. hmmmmmm...but that would make a group photo difficult. I'm so bad at picture stuff :(