Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FWQAL Week Ten

I made it into the double digits!!  Yah!
#19 Checkerboard was the first one that I worked on.

And I liked that one so much (and it was easy!!) that I did another one.
Next came #20 Churn Dash
This one was easy too but I only did one.

And then I fixed the one with the wonky seam.
Could you tell it was raining as I took these?  Just a tiny bit of rain, I am not complaining about the rain at all!!  At least it isn't snow!!!  My daughter drove back to school on Sunday and she had a miserable time.  Lots of snow.  And... we had just put her snow tires in the car, but not on them.

Once I am caught up to where I want to be on the Farmer's Wife Quilt, I am planning to start work on Swoon.  I ordered some pretty Terrain from the Intrepid Thread.  It is so pretty!!!
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Sherry, your FWQAL blocks are gorgeous!!! I love all of the little flowers! You'll have to let me know if Swoon is hard to put together. I just love that pattern!!

  2. Your blocks are great! I just love the fabric you're using. I had a few minutes to look around your blog today and it looks like so much fun :-) I can't wait to visit again!