Friday, October 28, 2011

A Zombie Run

IMAG0180 by The Schneider Family
IMAG0180, a photo by The Schneider Family on Flickr.
So the mess from yesterday turned into this!
This is me with my friend's husband.
I did my first 5k tonight.  It was cold and hilly but it was fun.  I got 12th place.  I am pretty happy with that since it was my first time.
I am not a runner.  I used to hate to run, still sorta do.  Once my trainer asked me if there was any exercise that I didn't like and I said running.  I will only run in the airport to catch a plane or run away from a bear, is what I told her.
Two weeks ago I saw the poster at the gym for this Zombie run.  I thought it looked like fun so I started doing a little running.  Mostly I just wanted to dress up.  Anything to be a bit silly.  I even made a zombie snack.  If you look closely at the picture, I am holding a severed arm.  The arm was laying on the kitchen table last night when my daughter got home from a date.  She came into my room giggling cause there was a bloody arm in the kitchen.
Tomorrow is another fun day, with a Volleyball game and then I am going to a Zumbathon in the afternoon.  One of my friends is putting it on and it is a fund raiser for Breast Cancer.
My legs are now very tired so I am going to climb into bed and knit for awhile.
Happy Crafting!!!


  1. hehehe!!! That is too funny!! I love the picture! Congrats on doing so well!! I only run when there is a bee near me :) I hope you were able to get lots of rest for your activities tonight!!!

  2. I LOVE your photo!!! What great big fun! The only way I would run is in if I got to dress up like a zombie or maybe for a pet charity. And you came in 12th that's great!!