Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sugared Sunday

Today I made hundreds of little sugar cookies.

Pink, because they are for the Dig Pink volleyball fundraiser and blue stars because that is my daughter's school mascot.  Yes, Stars.  It's easier than making Cardinal cookies.  (I was a Cardinal in high school.)

I also got a few things out of the greenhouse.  I've had to have the heat on for a few weeks because it is getting cold here.  About time to shut it down.  It becomes really expensive to heat when it is below freezing at night.

We had company a few weeks ago and they wanted to see a moose so badly.  They were from Germany and they had never seen one.  Did we see any moose?  Nope.  Did we see one the day we took them back to Anchorage?  Yep.  Did we have some in our yard today.  Yep again.

I did learn something interesting from our company.  In the part of Germany that they live in, quilting and all hand crafts are not popular.  They said that they just got a fabric store in their town last winter but most people just didn't want to spend the time to make stuff.  They were a bit shocked at how crafty everyone was here. We had gone to see my in-laws and they are always making something.  MIL is a wonderful quilter and FIL is always tinkering.  He made his own boat.  Not a little one either!
I did get a chance to work on my Farmer's Wife blocks.  Just no pictures yet.  If I take them outside to be photographed they blow away!!!
Happy Crafting!!!

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