Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tired... Exhausted... Pooped.  Those words have been coming out of my mouth a bit too often lately, so I made an appointment with the nice doctor to get my blood drawn to see if my thyroid medications need tweaking.  That sounds so calm when I write it, but for me to get my blood drawn....eeekkkkk!  I hate it.  I get dizzy and sweaty just thinking about it.  But, the nurse did a great job and I didn't end up on the floor in a heap.  Don't laugh.  That has happened more times than not!!
In my sleepy world, (full of naps), I have not been too productive but I did manage to get my Reunion Cowl finished.  It took a nice bath last night and now it is drying.  Pictures soon.
Hubby and I made some Pear/Applesauce,
And I made some Apple Pie Filling.

I also made these yummy looking things, Pies in a Jar.
We haven't tried one yet but maybe tonight.  They are so cute that I don't want to eat them!!!

Since I had finished my cowl, when Hubby wanted to watch a movie last night, I had to think of something to work on.  I can't stand to just sit and watch a movie.  I will fall asleep.  So I made a few Hexipuffs.  Have you seen the Bee Keepers Quilt?  So cute.  I've only made a few but I think these might work good for car knitting.  I've tried them stuffed and unstuffed and I do like the stuffed ones better.
Happy Crafting!!!!

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