Monday, August 27, 2012

Internet MIA

Hello all,
I am back from vacation.  I thought vacation time would be a nice time to catch up on some blogs, maybe do some little blog posts.... Nope!
We had no internet!!!!  I would type in the ridiculously long password and the little thing would spin and spin and spin until I got the timed out message.  I finally just gave up.  And guess what?  The internet survived without me!  I didn't think it could happen!
The vacation was nice even though I did have to ride in the car for 2085027 hours each day.  I think my butt was permanently asleep.  Found an area that we would love to move to!!!  They can actually grow fruits and veggies there!  Amazing!!

Just some random pictures!!

The weather was perfect with temps in the high nineties.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven, hubby on the other hand thought he had died and gone somewhere a bit hotter!

So now I am back to the normal day life, baby is a Senior in high school (how did that happen), middle daughter is back to school starting her Dental Hygiene program today and oldest is thinking of going back to school to study nutrition.  So I could possible have 3 children in college next year?????????

I need to get back to my weekly shopping instead of the haphazard stuff I was doing this summer.  I need to clean my house and do some laundry!!  You know it's bad when you are wearing the undies that you don't like.  I need to get back to cooking for my family.  And I need to get back to crafting!!!

After I went to the gym today, I came home and put on my working clothes and go busy.  I have done laundry, cleaned a bit,  made a snack to have on hand for starving peoples and generally had a productive day!!

I made these pretzel dogs today.  Hubby says they are yummy!

Now my break is over and it's back to being productive again!!

Happy Crafting!!

P.S. Thanks for all who followed me on Instagram.  I followed you back!

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  1. Hey!!!! Welcome back =D I'm so happy you had a nice vacation...even if your butt was asleep most of the time =P Temperatures in the high 90s!!!
    Those pretzel dogs look so yummy!!!
    I hope you are able to get lots more done around the house =D